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Protrader fund management module makes possible for any user to create a fund. Investors, in their turn, can view detailed statistics of funds activities and make a decision about investing. Protrader open-end and closed-end funds are the main tools for collective investments into the various global market. Protrader platform supports generating reports for Funds and always keeps in touch manager about trading results.
Reward types
Fund ratings
Reward Types - Protrader Fund Management

Reward types

To increase the payout flexibility of managers’ rewards, Protrader provides different types of fee distribution. It depends on fund type and can be a percentage of the total growth, a fixed amount, capital percent, etc
Management - Protrader Fund Management


Protrader funds are full of various functionality, which helps to set up fund according to any preferences. High water mark, hurdle rate, wide currency assortment, flexible request management is the list of Protrader benefits
Fund Ratings - Protrader Fund Management

Fund ratings

The Fund ratings panel is designed for investors to see comparative information about available funds. Within the Fund Ratings panel, users can add funds to a monitored list, join funds, and see fund’s performance and a list of funds in which the user has already invested

Closed-end funds

Manager of closed-end funds accumulate capital formation for a predefined period and exclude the possibility to enter and exit fund during investment period.
Closed-End Funds - Protrader Fund Management

Open-end funds

An open-end fund is similar to a closed-end. The main difference is that investors can buy and sell shares during investment period. Open-end fund's feature — is a rollover period.
Open-End Funds - Protrader Fund Management